Psilogod Purity Ring Remix

Purity Ring – Lofticries Remix

Killer remix from none other than Psilogod

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Sand Circles

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Monster Snaps by DJALTERNATIVE (Featuring Bread Freshley)

A fun free album from Alaskan Artist DJALTERNATIVE. It features some collaboration by Bread Freshley

Download it while you can.

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Cut11 – Love EP

Latest release from Cut Records.


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(Free Downloads) Ghibli – Lost Pleasures and Haywyre & Mindspyk Live Set

Sorry about the length in between posts! New stuff though right here!

We will start with a new release from Ghibli.
Far out sounds and textures.

Why not thank him if you like it by liking him on Facebook?

Free Download!

Next we have –
Haywyre & Mindspyk live.

Great mix. Be sure to grab it.

Soundcloud is not showing up sooooo.
Here is a direct link.!

More tunes here-

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Catch up on your MARR-ONE tunes this monringĀ

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Sun Glitters

A new track from this guy. If you havn’t yet checked out his album from last march “Everything Could Be Fine” jump on it.

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Miles Apart EP -Existance (cut), Psilogod/Radiohead and A whole lot more.

Sorry it has taken us a month to get some fresh stuff up. Busy holidays and all that.

First up we have a new release from Existance. This is chill the way it should be.

That is a “pay what you can” download.
Do him a favor, if you grab it share it!

Next we have some fresh Psilogod.

Coming in hot with an incredible remix of Radiohead’s Lotus Flower.

That’s a free DL while it lasts!

Make sure to check this guy out! I guarantee you will love what you hear.


Did someone say new Lb Sand? I did!
This is his latest track, and it by far one of my favorites.


I would like to introduce to you Phaseone.

I have only recently discovered him and LOVE every single track I have heard.

Downloads of his tracks are available for free:
Or for purchase:

Well! That wraps up today’s post, enjoy the new music! Comeback soon for some more.

Follow us on Facebook-

And do not hesitate to share some music that you think should be featured!

Contact Moderator – Marr-One

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Dagobot Vol. II + Dimensional Hymns

Just A lovely compilation of some musical computation.
Tis good stuff trust me.

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(Cut) Tetrachrome EP

You know what time it is???
Time for a new release!
and also some nifty science stuff.

We have Sigmafly (Ī£-Fly) releasing an incredible EP. For Cut.

Like always, only the best coming out of the label.

Do your self a favor and snag this release, and if you have yet to grab all the albums (name your price) then do it now!

The science of

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