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Radiohead’s Creep (Retrotation Dubstep Remix)

http://soundcloud.com/retrotation/radioheads-creep-retrotation CHILLBASS favorite Retrotation with a goose bump inducing remix. Grab it while you can.

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May 2011 Artist Of The Month: Retrotation

Introducing RETROTATION out of Easton, Pennsylvania – USA. Retrotation aka Matt Olick’s deep, creative, and experimental music is a breath of fresh air in a scene saturated by carbon copy sound. Retrotation is posed to release “The Classic l.p.” in … Continue reading

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Round’em up. Carry the 1.

-CHILLBASS Round up for 4/22/2011- Retrotation I really couldn’t ask for more, except for more please. Simply beautiful bass tunes. Jomekka out of Hollywood, California. http://soundcloud.com/jomekka/aqua This ones Dark Sky – need I say more? Here we got stizreth. http://soundcloud.com/stizreth/night-fallContinue reading

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Podcast 001 ft Lb Sand

Here is the first installment of what will become a running collection of mixes from a variety of producers and DJ’s. The CHILLBASS podcast series will focus on exactly that- chill bass. Deep, Moody, Surreal and Bass HEAVY. CHILLBASS will … Continue reading

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