CHILLBASS Mix Series Volume VII

CHILLBASS is proud to present the seventh installment of our mix series this one from the youngster out of South West Wales – DAI PIRATE.

1 ) Asa – Skruella
2) Mount Kimbie – Carbonated
3) Io – Hospital walls
4) Kelis – Brave
5) Kelis – Brave (Dark Sky remix)
6) Silkie – Beuty
7) Sully – Phonebox
8 ) Whyrez – Multivide
9) The xx – Crystalised (Dark Sky remix)
10) Zarif – Over (Breakage remix)
11) Io – Patchwork
12) Tanka – Quicksand
13) SBTRKT – Wildlife
14) Fantastic Mr Fox – Sketches

We caught up with DAI PIRATE to ask him a couple questions.

CB: What format are you playing music with these days? What do you prefer and why? (vinyl, cd, laptop etc.)

Dai Pirate: At the moment I am using a laptop set up with a nice controller called the vestax vci-100, it will never be as nice as touching vinyl for me though.

CB: What’s the one track that you never leave home without?

Dai Pirate:Well i am really into Tawiah – Sweet Me (Young Montana? Remix) at the moment.

CB: Who are your favorite musicians, producers, and or Dj’s that you’re listening to right now?

Dai Pirate:Got to be people like koan sound, I think they are doing some amazing things right now.

CB: As a youth who were the most influential musicians, producers and or Dj’s to you?

Dai Pirate:Im still a yout, but listening to people like rusko, skream and benga a few years back is when it all happened for me I suppose.

CB: Are you currently working on any music production? Do you produce or have any plans to?

Dai Pirate: Haha, well I sometimes try to produce. I can never really follow through with what I start, although I do enjoy it.

CB: Anything you would like to add or get off your chest?

Dai Pirate:I love a good slice of pie.

Get into to contact with Dai Pirate –

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