I’m The Information. Cocaine Powder.

Thanks to this track I’ve been walking around chanting “I’m the information. Cocaine powder” for months now. Receiving bewildered stares from people at the bar thinking I’m trying to sell them coke. The vocal sample gets looped in my brain worse than “POW, right in the kisser” on a heavy dose of acid. The track is finally seeing a release on Loefah’s Swamp81 label.

Anyone who’s heard Loefah, Oneman, Pearson Sound, Jackmaster, Bok Bok or Joy Orbison DJ recently has probably heard ‘Sicko Cell’.

If you don’t know which track we’re talking about, it’s the 808-driven one with the “I’m the information / cocaine powder” sample. It’s credited anonymously, and at various times, people have speculated that it’s the work of each of the above plus a ton more. It’s still a mystery to most though.

Anyway, as well as the producer’s identity there’s also been a ton of speculation about the track’s release details, but a picture posted on the Swamp81 tumblr confirms that it will be Loefah’s label putting out the track, with the catalog number Swamp014. It’ll be backed by a track called ‘Knock Knock’ on the B-side.

The shot also confirms that a double-pack by Boddika, a.k.a. Instra:mental’s Alex Green is forthcoming on the label, as well as a single by FaltyDL and something in the background we can’t read (the name looks too short for it to be Addison Groove though). Loefah spoke late last year about wanting to put out a Swamp 12″ every three weeks, so with this all pressed up, you can expect a regular release schedule for the next couple of months at least. Source

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  1. where can i download this?!!!!

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