Fricka Fricka Ffresssssh

It is comforting to see dubstep moving back into the realm of its origins. The sound has evolved so much in the past five years- that much of the newer music has lost that soul that I was drawn to in the first place. It helps me sleep at night to know there are still artists out there making music with more of a focus on the vibe and conscious sound design. Rather than a conglomeration of formulaic face grinding “wobblez”, half time drums, and stadium trance build ups and breaks downs. There is a time and a place for that, and it was called 2007. Seriously though, not to knock any artists that make “brostep” as this sub-genre has been…dubbed. There are plenty of producers out there making this stuff and are doing it really really well.

Well enough with my jaded point of views for now, how about some new P-ERA? Artists like this are pushing tings ever forward. He dropped CHILLBASS another crisp tune that is deep, dark and marinated in bass. We couldn’t ask for more. And if you didn’t catch the last P-ERA track we posted- you’re slippin’. catch up with the latest from P-ERA on his facebook or soundcloud.

Lb Sand

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