May 2011 Artist Of The Month: Retrotation

Introducing RETROTATION out of Easton, Pennsylvania – USA. Retrotation aka Matt Olick’s deep, creative, and experimental music is a breath of fresh air in a scene saturated by carbon copy sound. Retrotation is posed to release “The Classic l.p.” in early June, and “The Parting Ways” split release has already seen a digital release but will now have a run of vinyl pressings that will also see that light of day in June. We have collected together some of our favorite tracks by Retrotation, including a fistful of tunes Retrotation has been kind enough to share for free. We are excited and honored to have Matt as our Featured Artist this month. Big up to him! On with the music..

-Retrotation Releases-
Parting Ways e.p. by Retrotation – (collab, unsigned)
->[available via Vinyl early June!]
1. My Way by Ioqe
2. My Way by Mr Ebs
3. My Way by Retrotation

The Classic LP – (Vermin Street)
->[available for purchase early June!]
1. Haunting Echoes
2. Dirrty Romance
3. Drops in the Desert

Aydios Deltitnu remix
Retrotation – My Way off the Parting ways e.p.
Right click to Download:
Retrotation – Dubstep Opera



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