Round’em up. Carry the 1.

-CHILLBASS Round up for 4/22/2011-
Retrotation I really couldn’t ask for more, except for more please. Simply beautiful bass tunes.

Jomekka out of Hollywood, California.
This ones Dark Sky – need I say more?

Here we got stizreth.
To top it off for this round. We got Egoless. This tune just makes me feel good.
“Have a great weekend, burn one down for us”-CHILLBASS

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A place to find MOODY, DEEP & BASS Heavy Tunes And Mixes from around the world!
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2 Responses to Round’em up. Carry the 1.

  1. The Mantis says:

    Enjoying the blog very much. Cheers Chillbass!

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