Podcast 001 ft Lb Sand

Here is the first installment of what will become a running collection of mixes from a variety of producers and DJ’s. The CHILLBASS podcast series will focus on exactly that- chill bass. Deep, Moody, Surreal and Bass HEAVY. CHILLBASS will be reaching out to influential musicians to produce future pod-casts. First up we got Lb Sand with an eclectic mix of deep tunes with a side of hip hop. Lb Sand also has a recent four track release entitled “Doper” to snag up for free from his soundcloud.

CHILLBASS podcast 001
featuring Lb Sand
1.Psilogod– Within Time (unreleased)
2.Mr.ebs – My Way
3.Zomby – Mu5h
4.Retrotation – My Way
5.Radiohead – Nude (Eskmo Remix)
6.Red, 2Mello – Tell Ya’ Mama On You (Lb Sand Refix)
7.Loud Pipes – Jumping Jellyfish
8.Marr-One & Kris the Alien – The Redemption Truffle
9.Rittz ft. Yelawolf – Sleep At Night
10.Burial – Street Halo

CHILLBASS podcast 001 Downloads:
ioqe, Mr.ebs, Retrotation – The Parting Ways E.P.
Marr-One & Kris the Alien – The Redemption Truffle
Red, 2mello – Tell Ya Momma On You (Lb Sand Refix)

About Lb Sand

A place to find MOODY, DEEP & BASS Heavy Tunes And Mixes from around the world!
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